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Monday, January 29, 2018

An excerpt from “Lady Esther’s Lesbian Lover” by Berengaria Brown. Part of the “Naughty Spice: 17 Lusty Love Stories” boxed set

Blurb: Lady Esther’s London season failed to find her a husband. She’d rather find a woman to love. But that’s impossible in Regency England. Or is it?

Excerpt: Lady Esther’s Lesbian Lover

More and more people arrived for the ball until the room was as overfull as if they’d been in town. That was the crown of a successful event for Patience, but it simply made Esther long for an excuse to walk outside in the gardens. Quietly she made her way around the room, until she reached a long window which opened into the garden. The door had been left open a crack, so it seemed other people had the same idea as she did. Esther drew in big lungfuls of air and walked down the shallow steps into the garden. Several men were standing over to one side, smoking cheroots, so she went the other way to a stone seat.
Sitting on it was Cecilia, her shawl wrapped around her shoulders, her head tipped up to the sky.
She startled as Esther approached and then smiled. “It’s so beautiful out here. I vow I could count the stars they’re so bright tonight.”
Esther looked up and agreed with her. “That’s true. I’m glad they’re there, but they don’t inspire me to number them.”
The other woman giggled. “Well, we could name the constellations if you prefer.”
Esther laughed. “Oh no. I doubt I can even remember them. Are you teaching the twins those kinds of things?”
“Not yet. Maybe in the middle of winter we could do that though. It gets dark much earlier and wouldn’t be so far past their bedtime.”
“I don’t really know anything about children. I’ve never lived with any before. I suppose if I were a good aunt, I’d spend more time with them.”
“Do you want to do that?”
Esther stared at Cecilia. “I do want to be a good aunt, but I don’t crave children, or long to be with them. I suppose I like older people. People I can hold a proper conversation with.” She closed her mouth quickly. That made her sound like an unnatural female. Wasn’t every woman supposed to ache to have children of her own? Babies to hold and nurture?
But instead of condemning her, Cecilia simply nodded. “I agree. I like teaching them things. Watching their eyes light up as they understand a new concept.”
“What else do you like doing?” Esther asked.
“Reading. The library here is amazing. There are so many books I’ve never seen before. It’s crammed with the most amazing treasures. I found a little volume of Lucius Livius Andronicus’s poetry last week. I’ve read it twice and still can’t bear to return it to the shelves.”
Esther adored reading herself but she had no idea who this Lucius was, or that the library was so well stocked. There was a shelf of her mother’s books, but her mother had been dead so long most of the books were very old.
“Clearly I need to look in the library. I haven’t been there yet. My father used it as his den before he became frail, so I wasn’t welcome there. Erasmus has arranged for the Circulating Library to bring me books, but I hadn’t even thought of the library here. My mother’s books are all very old indeed.”
“I don’t think many of these books have been read. They’re all on the upper shelves. The books your father preferred are likely the ones that are easy to reach.”
“That makes sense. Tomorrow I shall explore the upper shelves. Do you have free time? Shall we plan a sortie into the library together?”
Esther suddenly worried that she might be getting Cecilia into trouble. She was the governess, not family, after all.
“Edward still naps every afternoon and the twins are only with me in the mornings. Patience often needs my help with other tasks in the afternoon but not always, especially now she has your company.”
“I haven’t been much help yet. She was planning this ball all week. Oh dear. I’ve been out here quite long enough. I must go back. I hope to see you tomorrow afternoon.”
Esther stood up and walked back inside, but for the rest of the evening she was thinking about Cecilia. Patience was her sister-in-law and she loved her. But Cecilia might be her friend. That would be wonderful.

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Berengaria Brown

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

An Excerpt from “Fireworks at the Lake” by Berengaria Brown

An Excerpt from “Fireworks at the Lake” by Berengaria Brown.
Part of the “Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales” anthology. Pre-order now!

Andrew goes to Lake Superior for the Fourth of July. A blond Viking arouses every craving inside him. But dare he risk rejection again?

Andrew had spent most of the afternoon trying not to stare at the blond Viking stretched out on a lawn chair with the ripples from the lake running up and over his toes. The blond had removed his T-shirt and placed his Stetson over his face, but not before Andrew had seen the intense blue of his eyes and the sharp ridge of his nose. Since then Andrew had spent his time appreciating the Viking’s muscled arms and shoulders, his ripped abs and the long, long line of his legs—right down to the toes currently buried under an inch of water. Long, narrow toes, a fitting ending to the long, lean legs that disappeared inside baggy, knee-length shorts.
Likely, his view of the Viking was going to be the most exciting part of his Fourth of July weekend this year. Still, life wasn’t too bad. In fact, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. A bunch of the people from the office had planned to spend the day at a cookout in a city park. Andrew didn’t mind working with them, but he wasn’t ready to spend his vacation days with them as well, which was why he’d decided to come here to the lake for the three-day Fourth of July weekend.
Originally he’d planned to stay on the shore until the nine o’clock “family” fireworks display, then head back into the small tourist town for a meal before the midnight lakeside fireworks. But now his plans were liable to change. If the Viking stayed here, he’d stay. If the Viking went off with friends, that would be the end of his happy thoughts of getting to know the man. The only problem was, he hadn’t quite worked out how to get to know the blond yet.
Part of Andrew wanted to just sit and wait. The Viking had been lying there for a couple of hours already, and unless he planned to get quite wet, he’d have to move his lawn chair soon, as the tide was coming in. Likely when he stood up, Andrew could catch his gaze and say hello. Or something. On the other hand, it seemed rude to keep staring—or pretending not to stare—and not speak. But then, perhaps it would be safer to do nothing at all and just wait and watch. So Andrew waited and watched and tried to make up his mind what to do. Part of the problem was that his relationship with Rory had damaged his self-confidence.
He’d loved Rory passionately, far more passionately than Rory had ever loved him. Andrew had wanted them to live together, to settle down, to be a real couple, but Rory had never agreed to that. Gradually Andrew had realized that they were drifting apart, no matter how hard he’d tried to keep them together. Finally he’d understood that although Rory had been the man for him, he couldn’t fulfill Rory. After that had come a time of intense pain and anguish. A time when he’d wondered if he’d ever be enough to make another man happy. But that was last year, and Andrew was ready to try again. But only with someone who at least thought he might be able to love Andrew back.
Andrew stared at the Viking. He knew nothing about this man except that the blond was delicious eye-candy. However, something strong and powerful drew him to the Viking. Could this be his chance at happiness? Or would it be just another Rory who couldn’t return his love?

Pre-Order links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078H4ZLPT
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/getting-naughty-2
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Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Suz_deMello_Getting_Naughty?id=eo1DDwAAQBAJ

Saturday, January 13, 2018

An Excerpt from “Chocolate-Coated Reunion” by Berengaria Brown

An Excerpt from “Chocolate-Coated Reunion” by Berengaria Brown.
Part of the “Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales” anthology. Pre-order now!

Matt arranges to meet Jake for Christmas Eve drinks after work but after a series of disasters is very late. Jake refuses to talk to him. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Matt is determined to reconnect with Jake. But is Jake too hurt and disillusioned to forgive him?

“I need this finalized tonight. I know tomorrow’s Christmas, but the CEO expects me to have this data in a report for him on Thursday.” Clauson dropped a thick file folder onto Matt’s desk.
Matt looked up. He was just filling in his time sheet, ready to leave the moment it was five o’clock.
“But it’s four-thirty now.” Matt flicked a glance at the clock on his computer. “Four thirty-seven.”
“So what? You don’t have any kids. You don’t have to hurry home to do the whole Santa act. It should only take you about three hours. That’ll give you plenty of time to go to whatever holiday party you planned to attend.”
Matt opened his mouth to argue then shut it again. Not only didn’t he have kids, he wasn’t even in a steady relationship. He’d arranged to have drinks this evening with Jake and had hopes that their friendship would develop into a relationship, but that was all in the laps of the gods at this stage.
He opened the folder and glanced at the top few sheets. The data was clearly explained and would be easy to tabulate. Oh well, likely this wouldn’t even take him three hours. It wasn’t such a big deal after all.
Ten sheets into the file, the situation worsened dramatically. The data was no longer clear, there were pages and pages of handwritten notes that were scribbled over in different colored inks and it took him long minutes to decide whether that number was a three or an eight, and whether the next number was a one, a seven, or even possibly a two.
At six he texted Jake.
Sorry. Stuck @ work with project must finish. Hope to see you @ 8.
Almost immediately, his cell vibrated with a reply.
No problemo. I’ll work back too.
Relieved, Matt dug into the file with renewed energy, and a sigh of relief when the next few pages were much easier to decipher. It was only almost two hours later, when his columns didn’t add up, that he knew he’d guessed wrongly on some of the figures and had to go back and retry them. It took another hour to sort that mess out and by then, it was five to nine.
Really sorry. Still here. Another hour, he texted.
The answer came back, Sounds good.
Matt plowed on through the file, rejoicing when everything was straightforward, annoyed and frustrated when it wasn’t. At eleven he made the decision that he would hand in the work and catch the last bus home whether it was fully finished or not.
Catching last bus home. We’ll have midnight drinks together and toast the holiday season in style.
A brief OK was the response.

Pre-Order links:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078H4ZLPT
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/getting-naughty-2
Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/getting-naughty-suz-demello/1127687384?ean=2940155023661
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Suz_deMello_Getting_Naughty?id=eo1DDwAAQBAJ

Saturday, January 6, 2018

An Excerpt from “The Loch Ness Monster, Romeo and Julio” by Berengaria Brown

An Excerpt from “The Loch Ness Monster, Romeo and Julio” by Berengaria Brown.
Part of the “Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales” anthology. Pre-order now!

Fraser Campbell and Cameron MacDonald are sent to Glasgow on business. Cam’s determined to see the Loch Ness monster. Fraser just wants Cam.

Cam staggered out of bed and into the shower when his alarm went off. He spent the first five minutes wondering whether or not he was crazy to be up so early in the hopes of seeing Nessie, but then he remembered he only had two opportunities to do this, today and tomorrow.
“Come on, man up, princess. How likely is it that Zeke’s will ever send you to Europe again? It’s now or never.”
He dressed and raced out to the parking lot, wondering if Fraser really would be there. He’d truly enjoyed Fraser’s companionship. There were so many other people Zeke’s could have sent with him who wouldn’t have been nearly as easy-going and pleasant travel companions as Fraser. The problem was that he’d like to kiss and hug Fraser, to hold him close and maybe go to bed with him. Which would be a disaster because of his family’s response to him associating with a Campbell.
Cameron sighed. He’d never forgotten the look on his grandmother’s face all those years ago when his older sister had innocently announced the name of the little girl who’d invited her to a birthday party.
“Fiona Campbell? StellaBeth MacDonald, you’ll not be attending any such thing. Only over my dead body will a MacDonald ever be in the same room as a Campbell.”
“But it’s a birthday party, Grandma.”
“Who’s to say the food they give you won’t be poisoned. Never trust a Campbell, girl.”
The thought that the food might be poisoned had silenced his sister, and himself. He and StellaBeth were teenagers before he realized most people no longer even knew about the Glencoe massacre, nor cared about family feuds. But forming a sexual relationship with Fraser wasn’t possible and he’d never mentioned the man’s name to his family.
Fraser was leaning against their rented powder blue Honda, holding two steaming take-out cups. At first he’d thought the car was rather small, but having negotiated so many narrow roads, he’d quickly been glad it wasn’t any bigger.
Cam couldn’t help the smile that broke out over his face as he saw Fraser’s bright red hair and cheeky grin.
“Thanks for the coffee.”
“What makes you think one of these is for you? I’ll likely need both of them just to wake up so early.”
Cam laughed. Dammit every time Fraser opened his mouth he fell a little deeper into love with him.

Pre-Order links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078H4ZLPT
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/getting-naughty-2
Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/getting-naughty-suz-demello/1127687384?ean=2940155023661
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Suz_deMello_Getting_Naughty?id=eo1DDwAAQBAJ

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Naughty Beasts Contest

To celebrate the release of NAUGHTY BEASTS, the Naughty Literati are giving away a 7" Kindle Fire loaded with books by our fabulous authors including:

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First Comes Desire by Tina Donahue
Not Too Tall To Love by Berengaria Brown
The Pleasure Device by Regina Kammer
The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett (Audible audiobook)
There are many ways to enter, including a daily bonus entry, so come back every day to increase your chances of winning. Good luck and happy reading!

Contest begins December 12th.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

That Eternal Question, Print or Digital

There is a very clever article on The Huffington Post about the demise of the print industry, written by J.A. Konrath.

As a primarily electronically published author, I’m a big fan of digital publishing. No trees destroyed, no remaindered books pulped and adding to the mountain of garbage we produce each day, no transportation costs adding to our carbon footprint.

Then there is the speed and ease of purchase. Anywhere I am in the world, no matter what time of day or night, I can go to a publisher’s website, and download the book of my choice and be reading inside a few minutes. For considerably less than I would pay in a traditional, brick-and-mortar store. Or I can go to one of the big multi-publisher sites and scroll around through the genres to find half a dozen new books or new-to-me authors, just like in a bookstore, only I can be reading them in moments without ever leaving my comfy chair.

As an author I acknowledge there’s something special about holding my book in my hands, and autographing it for a fan. Quite a few of my books are out in print and I love having copies of them. I also hate the downside of e-publishing where people pirate my book and “share” it with their one thousand closest friends, without giving thought to the fact that if they don’t pay me for my work, I’m not going to be able to pay my bills. Another factor is one of the saddest things I’ve seen is a book lover sitting surrounded by her books, crying because she has to get rid of many of them due to lack of space in her home. For her, the trauma was similar to farewelling old friends. At least with digital books, thousands can be stored safely on a single external hard drive.

Overall I see digital publishing as the way of the future, although print books will probably be around for many years yet. So my answer to that eternal question, Print or Digital, is both for now.

Fortunately for readers, all the Naughty Literati boxed sets are available in digital and in print forms, so you can choose your favorite format.

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